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Blue Smoke

Nina Kaur was born and raised in Texas, growing up in the dusty borderlands of El Paso. Half-Punjabi and half-white, Nina experienced both Indian and West Texas culture, from dancing to Indian music in a full sari to belting country music in cowboy boots). She draws inspiration for her art from her own personal life journey and the state of the world - from politics to studying the mentality of society.  She strongly advocates for animal shelters, stopping breeding and standing up where injustice is found. Nina uses her voice to stand up for Black Lives, Trans Lives and queer folks around the world. She also does her best to spread word about places and communities that need help and support, and firmly believes investing in your own neighborhood and local businesses. She has called Los Angeles home for over 15 years, and likely will for many years to come. 




for inquiries and commissions please submit a form on the requests tab with as much detail and references as possible. note that commissions can take 1 week - 2 months.
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